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We would like to thank all supporters who have signed up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Kroger requires that each person annually renew their participation in the program. We would appreciate your continuing support by clicking on the Link or Logo below to renew your participation in the program. Remember our code is 91686 or type in Resurrecting Lives Foundation in the search box.

Remember participation does NOT effect YOUR Fuel Rewards and Savings for you and your household.

What is the Kroger Community Rewards Program?

Kroger donates funds to each community organization based on each individuals use of the Kroger Plus Card. The more you use your Kroger Plus Cards the more funds Resurrecting Lives Foundation receives. Participation does NOT effect YOUR Fuel Rewards and Savings for you and your household. Your Community Rewards are savings for your favorite community organization. Even though both programs are based on your Kroger purchases and are linked to your Kroger Plus Card, the two programs are completely unrelated to each other.

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Please click on the Link or Logo below and go to the Kroger sign up. REMEMBER TO ENTER CODE 91686 OR TYPE IN RESURRECTING LIVES FOUNDATION IN THE SEARCH BOX.

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Resurrecting Lives Foundation – 2016 Employment Initiative: “INVEST in VETS” Program

Providing employment for our returning heroes with TBI with employers interested in a long term commitments and opportunities for advancement, education, and growth.

Resurrect a HERO – Strengthen a Nation


1. 2.7 million men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 13 years, and it is estimated that nearly 450,000 suffer from mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of their service. Rand Corporation predicts TBI in 20 % of our military.  www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB9336/index1.html

2. TBI is manifested by memory problems, processing difficulties, and, at times, difficulty learning new information without proper training. However, the treatment through cognitive retraining and vocational initiatives utilizing military discipline and skills will retrain the brain for civilian employment. – In these young brains, retraining is key, and connecting the hero with TBI with an employer willing to take a few extra weeks of training, is, our 2016 mission. Employment is key to resurrecting these warriors.

3. Unemployment rates among our heroes remain high, higher than the non-veteran, or, around 9% for post 9/11 Veterans.     www.adn.com/2014/03/20/3384751/higher-jobless-rates-for-iraq.html

4. More Discharges with military draw down will increase the need for employment.

5. Our mission in 2016 is to connect our heroes with mTBI to an employer with positions matching the Veterans skills and aptitudes and to continue the long term relationship for reintegration and advancement.

6. We will enlighten employers of the many benefits in employing Veterans.

7. We will seek to provide employment for heroes and their families by starting a model in OHIO which can be replicated throughout the nation. We will partner with national companies with the opportunities of hiring men/women of multiple skill sets.


Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen YOUR company.

Chrisanne Gordon, MD Founder and  Executive Director Resurrecting Lives Foundation


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