RLF salutes the incredible team at STIHL, Inc. and Stan Crader, President, Crader Distributing Company- Blue Mountain Equipment (CDC-BME) for their support of RLF and our American heroes with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Stihl has donated over $67,000 to our mission and they continue to be a strong supporter.
Stan frequently quotes one of George Washington’s sayings, Facta Non Verba, (Deeds Not Words) and exemplifies that saying by supporting America’s heroes. Proceeds from Stan’s books have always been donated to charitable organizations. Through a mutual friend, Stan was introduced to Chrisanne Gordon and Resurrecting Lives. Moments into his first conversation with Chrisanne, hearing the passion in her voice, and learning of RLF’s prodigious mission on behalf of America’s warriors, the decision to join Resurrecting Lives Foundation Board seemed providential.

In addition to his success as a businessman, Stan is also an accomplished author.  He authored the Colby series of books, which include The Bridge, Paperboy and The Longest Year.  All of Stan’s literary works focus on stories of growing up in the 1960’s and highlight the sense the community and family values that existed at that time in rural America.  He drew upon his own experiences growing up and working odd jobs to inspire his stories.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these books go to support the mission of Resurrecting Lives Foundation.  www.stancrader.com

RLF thanks Stan for his continuing dedication and support of our American warriors that have returned home with TBI. We salute him as an outstanding patriot and friend. On behalf of the RLF community, Thank You!

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Stan Crader, Board Member

Author, Businessman, Patriot

Stan Crader was born and raised in Bollinger County Missouri. Coming of age in rural Missouri provided him the material for many of the rich characters in his books. He credits the variety of jobs and the people with which he has worked for providing him his creative foundation. While growing up, his jobs included paper routes, mowing lawns, grocery store carry out, farm equipment set-up, sawmills, and janitor. One learns a great deal about people when they see what groceries they purchase.
After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Missouri, where he fully realized the uniqueness of his hometown. He met his wife Debbie at a Missouri / Nebraska football game, in which Missouri won. Stan and Debbie live in the Bollinger County area where they raised three boys and a golden retriever.
Stan is known for the unusual. He once caught a bat at a Cardinal baseball game, he and his wife were invited to the home of Stan and Lillian Musial, he flew the Atlantic in a Cessna, and his grandfather filmed him jumping a creek on a motorcycle.
He’s President of a small family business that sells Stihl chainsaws and power tools. He was once elected city councilman of Marble Hill, the town where he came of age. In that capacity, he gained a new respect for those that serve as volunteers in small towns. The mayor he served as councilman was also his former elementary school music teacher, which made for an interesting dynamic.

At Resurrecting Lives Foundation, our mantra is Resurrect a Hero—Strengthen a Nation.
We believe that by employing our American veterans we can make America stronger. If you want to support our mission and donate, click on the donate button, top of page. If you have any suggestions on this website, or if you wish to join our mission as a volunteer, please email pworley@resurrectinglives.org

Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen a Nation

Let 2017 be the year that we make health care accessible for our Veterans – even those with complex neurological issues secondary to TBI/PTSD and enable them to have a productive, happy, successful career outside the military, as a valued member of the civilian world. Please feel free to to send us your comments, suggestions, and stories to:

We are here.  We are listening.  We are advocating for you – and our nation.

Very Respectfully,

Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder and Chairwoman



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