Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Bart Billings, Ph.D., author of Invisible Scars; is a retired military Medical Corps officer and the founder/director of the International Military and Civilian Combat Stress Conference. In February 2014, he received the International Human Rights Award from the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR). Dr. Billings’ most recent award on June 3, 2016 was presented to him from the University where he received his BS and MS Degrees, the University Of Scranton. This Jesuit University’s highest award is the Frank O’Hara Award, given for living the Jesuit values of Serving Others over his career.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Dr. Bart Billings a noted Military Psychologist wrote an insightfull article titled:

Dr Bart BillingsJust wondering why still 22 suicides a day for Vets.

With all the statistics being thrown around during this election year, i.e., number of murders in inner cities, victims of illegal aliens, etc., the figure of 22 veterans committing suicide each day (approx. 8,030 a year) gets lost in the shuffle.

This suicide rate has been going on for many years and little seems to be done by the government to help this large number of veterans, who have served our country with distinction.

When I ask myself WHY ??? I start thinking what possible reason could their be for this negligence? Is it purposeful that nothing has been done to help these vets? Who would do such a thing, I wonder? Heaven forbidden that I even allude to a conspiracy — not me!

Here are some of the things that go through my wondering mind:

1. The profession generally in charge of Mental Health Services in the Veterans Administration and Military is Psychiatry (As well as in the civilian community). As I noted in my book, “Invisible Scars,” Psychiatry’s primary treatment modality is brain altering psychiatric medication, that have a severe BLACK BOX warning, that lists suicide as the first side effect. Now consider that the field of psychiatry and the big-pharma companies ( that produce psychiatric medications) generate 1/3 of a trillion dollars a year dispensing these drugs.

2. Then I think, that if 8,030 patients a year are removed from receiving medical benefits, retirement income, social security, etc., how much money is the government saving on these expenditures each year for many years.

3. How could our country, with so many brilliant scientists, fail to solve the problem of suicide among our veteran population. We are the country that put men on the moon almost 50 years ago. We cured Polio and many other diseases?

4. Is a consistent 22 Veteran suicides a day (Some professional veteran groups think it is more) for such a long period of time coincidental or is it purposeful?

5. Why do we hear the excuse from the governments mental health mouthpiece (psychiatry), that there is no silver bullet to solve the problem. Could it be that they are looking for ONE SILVER BULLET. If you are old enough, you will remember that the Lone Ranger had a whole belt of silver bullets to solve lawlessness in the old west. I call this integrative treatment in mental health?

6.When we are presently loosing now and over the past several years, so many of our battle proven, best patriots to suicide, more than in current combat, more than being murdered in major individual inner cities, more than to criminal illegal aliens, why is this not the main issue in this years election?

Just wondering!!

Bart P. Billings,Ph.D.
COL SCNG-SC, Military Medical Directorate (Ret.)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist CA PSY 7656
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist CA LMFT 4888
-Director/Founder International Military & Civilian Combat Stress Conference
-Initial Enlisted Ranks and Retired as Medical Service Corps Officer with a total of 34 years in US Army
-Recipient of the 2014 Human Rights Award from Citizens Commission on Human Rights International & The University Of Scranton “Frank O’Hara Award” in 2016.


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Resurrecting Lives Foundation – 2016 Employment Initiative: “INVEST in VETS” Program

Providing employment for our returning heroes with TBI with employers interested in a long term commitments and opportunities for advancement, education, and growth.

Resurrect a HERO – Strengthen a Nation


1. 2.7 million men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 13 years, and it is estimated that nearly 450,000 suffer from mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of their service. Rand Corporation predicts TBI in 20 % of our military.  www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB9336/index1.html

2. TBI is manifested by memory problems, processing difficulties, and, at times, difficulty learning new information without proper training. However, the treatment through cognitive retraining and vocational initiatives utilizing military discipline and skills will retrain the brain for civilian employment. – In these young brains, retraining is key, and connecting the hero with TBI with an employer willing to take a few extra weeks of training, is, our 2016 mission. Employment is key to resurrecting these warriors.

3. Unemployment rates among our heroes remain high, higher than the non-veteran, or, around 9% for post 9/11 Veterans.     www.adn.com/2014/03/20/3384751/higher-jobless-rates-for-iraq.html

4. More Discharges with military draw down will increase the need for employment.

5. Our mission in 2016 is to connect our heroes with mTBI to an employer with positions matching the Veterans skills and aptitudes and to continue the long term relationship for reintegration and advancement.

6. We will enlighten employers of the many benefits in employing Veterans.

7. We will seek to provide employment for heroes and their families by starting a model in OHIO which can be replicated throughout the nation. We will partner with national companies with the opportunities of hiring men/women of multiple skill sets.


Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen YOUR company.

Chrisanne Gordon, MD Founder and  Executive Director Resurrecting Lives Foundation


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