Our Heroes – Our Inspiration


– Chrisanne Gordon, MD, Founder




Sgt. Zachary W. McBride                                       Staff Sgt Brian F. Piercy

OIF Representative                                                                                           OEF Representative

These two heroes are the inspiration for the creation of the Resurrecting Lives Foundation. They represent our sense of mission to assist the nearly 450,000 young men/women who suffer from the signature wound of these wars, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The complications of untreated TBI include substance abuse and difficulties thinking which may lead to unemployment, homelessness, and in thousands of cases, SUICIDE. We are dedicated to these heroes and their families. There is treatment, and HOPE for TBI.


Sgt. Zachary W. McBride

On January 9, 2008, 20 year old Sgt. Zachary McBride lost his life after he entered a home, booby trapped with explosives in Sinsil, Iraq with 5 of his comrades. Sgt. McBride who had chosen to defray college life and the promise of scholarships, and instead volunteer for the ARMY. Like so many young volunteers, Zachary was in school when he watched the events of 9/11 and decided, on that day, that he would join the Army.  His death changed many worlds that day, one of which was the founder of Resurrecting Lives, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon.  On that day, she dedicated herself to making a change for our returning veterans. To Read more about Sgt. McBride, please click here


Staff Sgt. Brian F. Piercy

On July 19, 2010, 27-year-old U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Brian F. Piercy, 82nd Airborne Division, died in Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained when insurgents detonated an improvised explosive device where he was walking. “He believed in the values of the Army and in the mission of what he was doing in Afghanistan.”— David Piercy, brother as stated in the newspaper Fresno Bee. Staff Sgt. Piercy, always a leader and a patriot, is one of eight young heroes who have perished in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from his high school in Clovis, California.  His brother, Kevin, also served with him at Fort Bragg. Brian is the inspiration for the Fort Bragg employment program that will allow military members to obtain a job and an education prior to military separation.  To read more about Staff Sgt. Piercy please click here.


Video and Soldiers Song dedicated to Staff Sgt. Brian Piercy

Brian is pictured above left on the page and whose story helped inspire the formation of Resurrecting Lives Foundation.