We are Advocating for Treatment and Employment

Treatment includes COGNITIVE RETRAINING with a TBI team of experts including physical medicine specialists, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, job coaches and social workers, as well as vocational trainers & job coaches. Instruction on use of electronic devices for better retrieval and management of information. GPS systems, computers and PDA’s are crucial to the activities of daily living for patients sustaining mild Traumatic Brain Injuries. There is also a dramatic upside in using mobile applications to monitor medications including compliance and effectiveness.

The foundation will connect TBI veterans to available resources. These wars are being fought by the rural population, often hours away from VA centers or hospitals. With the high cost of gasoline, transportation is a major obstacle. We will advocate for better transportation, treatment rendered closer to home, mobile VA units, and tertiary medical services being brought to the veterans through telemedicine technology. Our telemedicine proposal would allow for the treatment of roughly 32,000 OIF/OEF Veterans per year for two years using technology currently available at the Veterans Administration, along with tertiary & community hospitals. EVERY veteran deserves the standard of care provided by Massachusetts General Hospital in cooperation with the Boston VA or the Stanford Medical Center in cooperation with the Palo Alto VA, for example. We will also partner with medical schools and young physicians and nurses who can participate in helping to heal their generation of war heroes.

Connecting Our Veterans With an Employer

Employment Initiative – With our new initiative we are providing employment opportunities for our returning veterans with TBI and assisting in relocation of their families. We connect employers  who are interested in long term commitments, opportunities for advancement, education and growth.  We understand that our military members develop strong leadership skills and that companies will benefit from their training, discipline and service.