Curtis Armstrong speaks at the Grand Rapids Veteran’s Expo

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Congressmen Stivers recognized for increasing awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Resurrecting Lives Foundation, Chairman and Founder, Doctor Chrisanne Gordon and Chief Operating Officer Eric Kazmierczak presented Congressman Steve Stivers with an award yesterday evening, Monday, September 15, recognizing him for his assistance in increasing awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury.  Congressman Stivers sponsored the Congressional Screening of the documentary, Operation Resurrection. The documentary was shown on Capitol Hill November 12, 2013, and deals with solutions for health care, education, and employment for the nearly 450,000 Veterans from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from this injury. After the screening, several of the Veterans featured in the documentary and Congressman Stivers answered questions from the audience. 

Congressman Stivers also accepted an award on behalf of Speaker of The House, John A. Boehner, recognizing him for authorizing the Congressional Screening of Operation Resurrection. 

 stivers and Gordon

Stivers and Eric


Dr. Chrisanne Gordon to Speak to American Legion Post 1 in Denver, Colorado, November 1

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, a renowned expert on TBI injuries, will speak to the American Legion, Department of Colorado’s Female Veterans Action Committee at American Legion Post 1 in Denver Colorado on November 1, 2014 on the ongoing effects of TBI/PTSD and on ways to treat and recover from these injuries.  She will give a two hour address on female veterans living with TBI/PTSD and then later conclude with a presentation on all veterans with TBI/PTSD and their families.  For more information on this upcoming event and to Pre-Register click on the link to the Brochure.

Update September 13, 2014 – Last Man Standing Club of AmVets Post 26.

The LAST MAN STANDING auction to benefit the Resurrecting Lives Foundation was held on Saturday September 14, 2014. In 1950, 78 war veterans of AmVets Post 26 started a Last Man Standing Club. The last man standing would receive as his prize a bottle of whisky.  The remaining two WWII members of the LAST MAN STANDING Club, who founded AMVETS Post #26 in 1950, raffled off “shots” of that  prized bottle of whiskey, that had been aging in the hall for the last 64 years.  THANKS to our very wonderful friends, of which there were only about 100 present, we raised $5800 last night in an event for the Foundation. 


On this night we also learned from a very spry 90 yr. old former FLYING TIGER code breaker, founder of the Amvets Post, that in their bylaws, written in 1950, the Last Man Standing meetings were to take place once/year, on the Saturday following Sept. 11th.  A twist of fate that would tie the veterans of Post 26 to Resurrecting Lives together, 64 years later.