City Barbeque Donates Thousands to Veterans Organization

city BBQCity Barbeque donated 12,500 dollars to non-profit Resurrecting Lives Foundation, whose mantra is, “Resurrect a hero; strengthen the nation.” The donation was in conjunction with the barbecue restaurant’s anniversary celebration in January, highlighting 15 years of giving back to the community in which it serves. The donation was raised directly through sales of City Barbeque reusable tumblers purchased by customers for 5 dollars with the perk of receiving free refills through March.



Resurrecting Lives Foundation Founder, Chrisanne Gordon, Director of Operations Erik Kazmierczak and the City Barbeque team at the original location on Henderson Road in Columbus, OH


I am just so very grateful at your generosity and the success of the campaign. You are wonderful for doing this for our returning heroes,” said Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon.

Resurrecting Lives Foundation assists in the recovery and reintegration of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans by defining the brain pathology and by developing protocols for recovery. They advocate for returning heroes and their families for collaborations with civilian institutions to provide health care, education and employment. As Director of Operations, Eric Kazmierczak explains, “We honor the fallen by taking care of their brothers and sisters who return.”

“We also had a few Veterans come forward with questions about their injuries, and we are assisting them currently – so it was a perfect timing, and we cannot thank you enough.”- Dr. Chrisanne Gordon

In addition to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, company-wide charity ties include ongoing partnerships with Future Farmers of America, Elderheart- an organization promoting social awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder in Veterans, and Food Rescue- which collaborates with local food banks to freeze and donate any quality leftovers at each City Barbeque location. All locations partner with local organizations to give back to the communities in their backyards. As a company initiative City Barbeque allows any non-profit to host fundraisers at their locations with 25 percent of sales brought in going directly back to their cause. In 2014, City Barbeque held almost 2,000 fundraising events for local charities.

Resurrecting Lives Foundation is very grateful to City Barbeque, not only for their incredible donation, which will be used for Veterans Employment initiative, but also for their success at increasing awareness for our nearly 15,000 young heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from TBI as a result of their service to our state, and our nation.

THANK You all for your service!

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Dr Chrisanne Gordon Receives AMVETS Public Servant Award

The Executive Director and Founder of the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, Dr Chrisanne Gordon was presented the Annual Past Commanders’ Public Servant Award at the AMVETS Department of Ohio 68th Mid-Winter Conference on February 14, 2015. The award was presented by Past Commander Sandra Vorhies to Dr Gordon for her continued work in helping our veterans with TBI and PTSD.

We at Resurrecting Lives would like to take this opportunity to Thank AMVETS for the all of the support that AMVETS has given us through the years, especially AMVETS POST 26 in Mansfield, Ohio, who hold an annual ROCK and ROLL festival/fund raiser for us. Resurrecting Lives Foundation is indebted to them for their continued support and mentorship.

Dr Gordon and Sandra Vorhies Award

Left to Right: Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, Past Commander Sandra Vorhies



Tribute to Leslie L. Vogel

Leslie Photo This Valentines Day Week, Resurrecting Lives would like to remember our Good Friend, Leslie L. Vogel, who passed away December 12, 2014. Leslie was a poet, author, actress, model and a patriot. The poem below was written by Leslie and you can listen to one of her favorite songs sung by her son Brant.



Leslie’s Poem

The Merry Merry Month of May
Make way
one by one two by two or more
the annual right-to-do-whatever-I-want-to
Spring in through the door, glaring
indignation –
“Take this “blanking” registration.
Rules are absurd!
(planting becomes a dirty word)
Your mower ran over my flower!
My evergreen looks obscene!
You took my hook! Who runs this place?
Mutilated my vase! It’s a disgrace!
Dare you take my bush away!
Mayday! Mayday!
Blood pressure rises, our patience decreases
Temptation to ‘Kick in the butt’ pops up
God sends
One smiling sweet sincerity
“I’m proud my grandparents are buried in
this beautiful cemetery. thank you very much!”
What a life. Take care of death and memory.
Forgetting in order that we help others remember
Two by two one by one
Out of the building we run – done
Call it a day in May
Will the June bugs come out tomorrow?
All we can do is pray