3rd annual Cardinal Health RLF Golf Outing: many hands make…a successful event!

The equation: take 1 inspiring veteran speaker, 144 golfers, 41 generous corporate sponsors, 5 volunteer leaders and more than 30 others with big hearts and a little free time. Add in 10 awesome silent auction baskets (think Yeti coolers and rounds of golf, Xbox games and Apple watches) and hundreds of donated raffle items like shirts, caps, gift cards, golf balls, and electronics.

The result: more than $40,000 raised for Resurrecting Lives Foundation on August 26 at the Golf Club of Dublin (Ohio).

The successful 3rd annual Cardinal Health RLF Golf Outing “pulled people together to raise money, have some fun, and give back,” according to Cardinal’s Scot Lindsey, SVP of EIT Shared Services, who provided some auctioneering skills to the afternoon as a donated pair of OSU/Michigan football tickets went for a great price. Lindsey also talked about the veteran focus at Cardinal, describing the Veterans and Military Advocates Employee Resource Group, which keys in on recruiting, retaining, and helping to advance careers for veterans.

Chrisanne Gordon, MD, founder and chair of RLF, thanked all those present for producing the event and for having fun while providing funds for RLF programs, pointing out that 92 cents of every dollar raised for RLF goes directly to veteran programs.

Sam Tucci, Cardinal’s Director of IT Sourcing and Procurement and leader of the army of volunteers who staged the event, said, “A huge thank you to everyone who participated…. This can’t be done without the support of all of you in whatever capacity you helped us. A special thanks to all our sponsors. Through the generosity of all who participated, we will raise over $43,000 this year, bringing our 3-year total to over $100,000, which is amazing.”


Corey O’Brien, a US Army and Ohio National Guard veteran, spoke movingly about his service, his “invisible injuries,” and his recovery through a Transcendental Meditation program for veterans, enabled through RLF. O’Brien, a science teacher at Hamilton Township (Ohio) High School and Purple Star Liaison for Hamilton local schools, said that through meditation, “I became human again, came back from the dead; I was resurrected. I am a better teacher, a better father, a better husband.”

O’Brien, said event leader Tucci, “is living proof of the work Resurrecting Lives Foundation does….” O’Brien spent 9 years in the National Guard and earned 2 degrees from Ohio State University, is a married father of 5, and has two tours in Iraq behind him. He described the PTSD he saw in his family of veterans and in himself as a “clear glass of water, filled to the top, looking pure and untouched, allowing light to shine right through. Then you take a black ink pen, snap it in half, and let the ink drip down into that glass of water. The ink swirls around, takes the purity away, stops the light from shining through.” Learning how to meditate through an RLF grant for a program for veterans offered by TM master David Kidd changed all that for O’Brien. To Kidd, who was in the audience on Sunday, he said, “I owe you my life.


Carly Truitt, 2-time Ohio High School state champion golfer, member of the award-winning University of Virginia golf team, and now co-owner of Better Than Yesterday, a training and health fitness center in her native Marysville, was on hand to provide some golf pointers and encouragement. Truitt, who earned two degrees at UVA and learned along the way about brain health and injuries, firmly espouses conditioning for the whole body as a key to recovery for those with brain injuries. “During my education, I learned about the brain, and how engaging the whole body in activity is so important to assist in recovery.”

Resurrecting Lives Foundation thanks all those who took part in this year’s event, and we look forward to the next golf gala in 2019.

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Podcast: TBI rehab is hard work – but achievable

Podcast: TBI rehab is hard work – but achievable

Listen to this lively first-hand discussion on recovery from traumatic brain injury with veteran advocates Jim Fausone of Legal Help for Veterans, PLLC and Dr. Chrisanne Gordon of Resurrecting Lives Foundation: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/veterans_radio/2018/06/26/dr-chrisanne-gordon–mtbi

Dr. Gordon says during this U.S. Veterans Radio podcast from June, “There is a lot of hope for people who have traumatic brain injury – we just have to keep at the rehab!” Dr. Gordon is the founder and chair of RLF, and the author of Turn the Lights On! A Physician’s Personal Journey from the Darkness of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to Hope, Healing, and Recovery.

Veterans Radio is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a mission to “illuminate the extraordinary actions of ordinary people who have gained and preserved the freedom all Americans enjoy.” Thank you to Veterans Radio for your service.