Resurrecting Lives Salutes the Last Man Standing Club of AMVets Post 26

In 1950, 78 war veterans of AmVets Post 26 started a Last Man Standing Club. The last man standing would receive as his prize a bottle of whisky. 64 years later there are only two known members of the club still living. In the spirit of continuing to give back, these two members of America’s Greatest Generation have decided to auction off the contents of the bottle and give the proceeds to The Resurrecting Lives Foundation, to help our newest veterans. To read more about this, please click here.

Foundation highlights work of Jason Savage

savage-photoJason has developed graphical works supporting the Foundation and our Veterans. His most recent work was the image of the brain shaped as an egg signifying the wounds beneath the surface of the shell. This was sent out to our mailing list for Easter. He also developed a graphic for Memorial Day.

Jason Savage has been working behind the camera, taking still photographs since 1995. He has photographed a multitude of subject matter, everything from elk in the forest to rock stars on stage.

Having earned his BFA in 2001 from Indiana University (Fort Wayne extension campus), Jason relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2003, and has enjoyed living there ever since. During this time in the Pacific Northwest, he has done a variety of photography assignments for individual clients, magazines, advertising agencies and nonprofits. Jason’s work may be seen at

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