City Barbeque Tumbler

Support our veterans with a new City Barbeque tumbler… plus free refills!

City BBQ is once again partnering with Resurrecting Lives Foundation to raise money through special new-year tumbler sales.

During the month of January, the restaurant will be offering a new artist-designed limited edition refillable tumbler for just $5. The cup, which sells out early every year, will feature free refills through the end of March, 2018. All proceeds from the sale of the cup will be donated to Resurrecting Lives Foundation.

“Resurrecting Lives Foundation is so pleased to partner again this year with City BBQ on their tumbler sales,” said Chrisanne Gordon, RLF Founder. “Funds raised in past years have enabled RLF to provide transition services for veterans with TBI seeking employment, scholarships to receive training in meditation, and support collaborations with the Intrepid Centers and Military Traumatic Brain Injury rehab facilities, to mention just a few of our initiatives. We thank you in advance for your purchase of one of these cups during the month of January.”

This promotion to benefit RLF is happening at all 38 City BBQ in six states. Visit the City BBQ blog at