Hearts of STIHL

Six Resurrecting Lives Foundation partner veterans were recognized in December as “Hearts of STIHL” recipients by STIHL, Inc:

• Matt Gossard, Ohio (U. S. Army)
• Daryl Boggs, Ohio (Ohio National Guard)
• Curtis Armstrong, Michigan (U. S. Army)
• Billy Chisum, Alaska (U. S. Air Force)
• Christopher Lawrence, California (U. S. Marines)
• Wendell Guillermo, California (U. S. Army)

“Our Hearts of STIHL award recognizes those individuals that represent the spirit of power, dedication, and service that is at the heart of our company,” said Roger Phelps, Corporate Communications Manager, STIHL Inc. All six of these veterans have contributed to the mission of Resurrecting Lives Foundation as they have met with congressional leaders, worked with community veteran groups, and collaborated with local governments to make changes for their fellow veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury…. while recovering from their own TBIs.
STIHL awarded each of these men with a certificate good towards $300 of STIHL equipment. “This is a great opportunity for our young heroes, who we are so proud of,” said RLF’s Chrisanne Gordon. A huge thank you to STIHL for recognizing the hard work and determination these veterans have shown over the years.