Honoring the Fallen

An example to us all of a patriot who so clearly honored the fallen is the late Paul R. Vogel, Sr., of Chesterton, Indiana. In his many roles, from soldier to veteran to ceaseless champion for the causes of veterans from all branches of service, Paul set a high bar in his impact on the community.

As part of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Indiana chapter 14-2, he rallied to provide funds and support for many veteran groups, including Resurrecting Lives Foundation. He and chapter Treasurer Theo Gray helped develop a grant proposal for the national CVMA foundation in order to fund the groundbreaking RLF-sponsored research proving brain injuries could be sustained from IED or RPG blasts.

And as CEO of Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapels, Paul initiated Veterans’ Services to honor the laying to rest of veterans in very special ways.

RLF founder Dr. Chrisanne Gordon called Paul “one of our most important supporters, a champion of veterans’ causes from every branch of service, every war, every conflict, every situation.” She said, “Paul took RLF under his mentorship very early on in our mission to provide our veterans with a thriving life after military service, especially our vets who may be struggling with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). … Paul taught me what it was like to return after war, sharing experiences in the Vietnam Era; …kept us going, serving veterans who required assistance for employment or education opportunities.”

To “appreciate” means to “recognize the full worth of.” RLF appreciates the late Paul Vogel, all our military members and veterans, and all those who support the work of our organization.