Invest in Vets Program at Fort Bragg

Resurrecting Lives Foundation – Invest in Vets initiative to bring Ohio soldiers back to Ohio for jobs participated in the quarterly, Ft. Bragg Hiring Fair that took place at the Ft. Bragg Catering and Conference Center, on August 12, 2015. Our good friends and collaborators, Cardinal Health, participated in this hiring event along with thirty-six other employers. Employers scheduled interviews with 240 soldiers who are close to exiting the Military.

Thank You Cardinal Health and the other employers who participated.

Our boots on the ground RLF representative Tarik Jackson a Mission Continues Fellow at Fort Bragg. Tarik helped Greg Arydell (pictured below), one of our first RLF Invest in Vets members with his interview with Cardinal Health.

If you are interested in participating in our Invest in Vets program, please contact us at:

Information Line: (614) 602-1753 (1RLF)

Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen a Nation


Cardinal Health Interview TableRee  and Chris of  Cardinal HealthGreg Arydell and Tarik Jackson


Pictures Left to Right

Cardinal Health Interview Table
Ree Hamlin (left) and Chris Hirsch (right) Representing Cardinal Health
Greg Arydell (left) and Tarik Jackson (right). Greg is one of the first of RLF hero’s here at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to interview with Cardinal Health.