RLF THANKS DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION for Ohio Transcendental Meditation Initiative

RLF THANKS DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION for Ohio Transcendental Meditation Initiative

At Resurrecting Lives Foundation we understand that our heroes
“Are out of their brains, not out of their minds.”

We also understand that medical advances toward the diagnosis and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have restored lives and futures for many, especially our young veterans from the Global War on Terror.

As our foundation stresses the necessity of employment for recovery, we also advocate strategies to assist with continued employment opportunities and chances for advancement.

This fall we have begun our program on teaching techniques of Transcendental Meditation (TM) for that purpose, and, more importantly, for the purpose of reintroducing stillness and peace to the lives of those who defended our nation in military service.

Indeed, one of the hallmarks of military service is the high level of preparedness; the fine tuning of the sympathetic nervous system; the fight or flight mechanism which is in high gear during combat training and even more engaged in actual combat situations. In fact, these recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan add new meaning to the phrase – Stay Awake/Stay Alive.

What we are offering our veterans is the opportunity to control the fight or flight response; the opportunity to be still; to be quite; to relax. Transcendental medication has been proven by numerous medical studies to afford a positive impact on overall health and well being, as well as to assist with heart health and brain health specifically. It reconnects the thinking part of the brain (the frontal lobe or executive function) with the structures deep within the brain (the middle brain). The result of this training is an overall feeling of wellness and being in control, and it is available to our returning heroes both in the private sector and in the Veterans Administration System.

This fall, Resurrecting Lives Foundation is partnering with the David Lynch Foundation and the TM foundation to teach these settling techniques to our veterans who request this training. Taught currently in Columbus, Ohio and Canton, Ohio, by Vietnam Veteran and seasoned TM instructor, David Kidd, veterans learn this relaxation along with other veterans. Our foundation is covering the costs of the pilot study in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation, and we cannot thank our veterans enough for their participation . We also appreciate Mr. Kidd’s continued sense of mission as he brings TM to a new generation of military member/veteran, realizing how meditation improved his transition into civilian life after the Vietnam Conflict.

If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact us at:
Or please leave a message on Voice Mail – 614-602-1753

Or, you may contact Mr.  DavidKidd directly at :

Please also take time to view my personal testimonial, below, along with some thoughts shared by the current class. TRULY, TM is a proven strategy to overcome the tendencies in so many of us to overcharge our adrenalin responses.

With sincere appreciation to the DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION, Mr. David Kidd, and, especially all our veterans who are participating in this very important pilot,
Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen a Nation
Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder, Resurrecting Lives Foundation

I accompanied a young veteran to Mr. Kidd’s class four years ago, and stayed for the entire training. Truly, one of the best, most productive decisions I ever made. As my veterans know, I am a TBI survivor, and whereas my injuries were much less severe than our military members and vets, I struggled with anxiety with airplane travel, a necessity as part of my duties as Veterans’ advocate. With the assistance of TM, I no longer have a phobia about plane travel and that is so very helpful to my work with vets. I can get into a “safe space” upon take off, now, and control my heart rate in the process. I am a believer and advocate. Being in control is a good thing. The passengers around me appreciate it – employers and educators will appreciate it, too.
Chrisanne Gordon, MD.

After two tours in Vietnam, at age 20 I returned to the USA. I started college, but was unable to concentrate, had insomnia, nightmares, night sweats, hyper-vigilance, daytime hallucinations and flashbacks, a constant low-grade paranoia, social alienation, and an inability to feel positive emotions.

Then a friend took me to a Transcendental Meditation (TM) class. I took the course. I saw many benefits in the first week, and within three months could see my life had changed dramatically. In my first year of meditating, 90% of my stress symptoms were completely gone. So I decided to become a TM teacher and offer it to other veterans. I’ve now been teaching TM for 43 years.
— David A Kidd, E-5, US Army, Vietnam-19 months, Canton, Ohio.

I am the recipient of one of the grants for veterans for transcendental meditation. I just wanted to thank you guys for providing the grants, and I want you to know it’s working for me, and it’s amazing. Thank you guys so much. I’m very grateful.

Enjoying this year more than any I can remember. TM is partially responsible for it, too. Thank you again for connecting me to David. I get moments of peace, and a quietness in my brain that have been foreign to me for so long. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am forever indebted to you.
– Corey O, US Army, E-6, Dublin, OH

Click on the Picture to watch the Town Hall Meeting with Michael Castano as he describes his participation  in the David Lynch Foundation TM Program.

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Left to right on the Stage.
Stephanie Ruhle, Bloomberg moderator; Michael Castano, Marine Corps veteran; Peter Lamoureux, Lead TM teacher at David Lynch Foundation; Bob Roth, Executive Director, David Lynch Foundation.

To read a Summary paper on the success of TM when dealing with PTSD and other issues, Please Click Here