Tribute to Paul Vogel, Sr.

On the morning of September 28, 2017 Paul Vogel passed away. Paul was the CEO of Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapels in Merrillville and in Hobart and Rendina Funeral Home. Paul will always be in the hearts of anyone who ever had the pleasure to meet him. He was a truly great patriot and was dedicated to any veteran-related clause.

On September 28th, our Resurrecting Lives Foundation (RLF) lost one of our most important supporters, a champion of veterans causes from every branch of service, every war, every conflict, every situation. Paul Vogel Sr., took RLF under his mentorship very early on in our mission to provide our veterans with a thriving life after military service, especially our vets who may be struggling with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He was both a great teacher and a fast study. Paul taught me what it was like to return after war, sharing experiences in the Vietnam Era. His fellow Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association members in Indiana- chapter 14-2, helped provide our initial funding to prove the brain injuries sustained with an IED or RPG blast. Theo Gray, Treasurer, worked closely with Paul and me to develop a grant request to the national CVMA foundation which was accepted and approved. By various events, including motorcyle events, auctions, and the incredible supper in Valparasio’s Don Quijote Restaurant, Paul and the Vogel family, Theo, and the 14-2 chapter kept us going, serving veterans who required assistance for employment or education opportunities.

Not only did the CVMA support us, but through their efforts, we gained the support of the DAV in Hammond, Indiana. Paul was always advocating for veterans through radio hosts, articles, and presentations. In fact, by the networking of the Veterans community in NW Indiana, RLF was successful in supporting the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act, a huge step forward for our veterans health care.

Please join us in extending our sympathy to the entire Vogel family, and empathy to the entire veterans community. His passing is already felt as a great loss to our veterans, and to our mission, but, because of his spirit, we will press forward and “take ground” as Paul would say, for the right thing – Veteran Health and Opportunity.

I want to thank Paul, not praise him, because he would always state that he was just doing what he was trained to do – as a soldier and a righteous man – as a protector and as an advocate. I thank the entire Vogel family, and extended family. I thank THEO, who so gently notified me of Paul’s passing, and I thank him and the members of Indiana 14-2 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and the DAV of Hammond, and the WVLP radio station, and the great patriots I met because of my “chance” meeting with Paul and Theo at the Fisher House run in Columbus, Ohio.

At RLF, we will continue to serve those who served us, and I will continue to call on Paul and Theo, and the rest, because, as a civilian, I respect and follow their advice. I salute their continued service. I commend their courage. I will imitate their tenacity in doing the right thing for the right reasons.

May the family and the community find peace. May we all realize that:

Death is the end of life on earth; it is not the end of a relationship.

With deep respect, with deeper gratitude, and with deepest admiration for a life well lived,

Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder, Resurrecting Lives Foundation