Wendell Guillermo and Chris Lawrence Honored as TBI Champions

RLF veteran ambassadors Wendell Guillermo and Chris Lawrence will be featured as TBI Champions on A Head for the Future, a U.S. Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) website that focuses on resources aimed at the prevention, recognition, and recovery of traumatic brain injury in the military.

U.S. Army Airborne infantryman Sgt. Wendell Guillermo’s video story is to be published during March; Marine Sgt. Christopher Lawrence will be featured during April.
Wendell says, “I was wounded by an enemy grenade during my first combat tour in Iraq. After separating from the service, I enrolled into the VA system and started to receive treatments from the VA through their Poly trauma unit. The VA provided me with techniques and strategies in helping my cognition and physical well-being. I was also furnished with a recorder to help with lectures in school, and a PDA to help with daily schedules. Today, I work as a Software Developer, mainly with data. What readers should be aware of regarding military TBI is that those who have TBI need to be persistent in their treatments, and will get better.”

RLF salutes Wendell and Chris for their service, persistence, and accomplishments