WWII U.S. Navy Veteran and RLF Supporter Stanley Ryckman passes away at 94

WWII U.S. Navy Veteran and RLF Supporter Stanley Ryckman passes away at 94

Ensign Stanley Jack Ryckman (Ret.) passed away in June at the age of 94.

A resident of Mansfield, Ohio, Mr. Ryckman was born in Michigan and was commissioned in the US Navy in 1942. He served as an officer in the South Pacific during World War II. Following the war, he earned an engineering degree at the University of Michigan and spent 40 years as an electrical engineer. After his retirement, Mr. Ryckman focused on community involvement. He was a member of Amvets Post #26 of Mansfield, Ohio, which has been a vibrant partner with Resurrecting Lives Foundation.

His son, Dr. Stu Ryckman, former Richland County Coroner, was particularly active in the Sons of Amvets group at the post. Along with Amvets Post #26, Stu and his wife, Susie, have been with RLF since our inception.

At the age of 89, Mr. Ryckman accompanied Dr. Ryckman, a member of the RLF Board of Advisors, to Washington DC, to support the Congressional screening of the documentary Operation Resurrection. The 2013 event was attended by dozens on Capitol Hill. Mr. Ryckman and a number of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan attended in order to raise the awareness of military TBI. He was the senior military member present.

The Ryckman family has generously requested that memorial contributions in his memory be made to RLF.

We are most grateful for the ardent support of the Ryckman family, and salute the memory of Mr. Stanley Ryckman.